Faberge on Purple

Price: $160.00

 Retirement Extended until September 30th 2021

For a time, Peter Carl Faberge was the jeweler to the czars, more specifically to the Romanov--Czar Alexander III and Czar Nicholas II. Faberge is probably best known for the stunning Imperial Easter Eggs he was commissioned by the Romanov's to make. He lavished his exquisite works of art with diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and pearls. Faberge artfully decorated his gold, silver, and platinum creations with cage work, enameling, latticework, and engraving. Beautifully done here on a 3" ivory ball, you too, can have a flavor of Faberge for your tree. "Faberge" was an ornament that Paul saw many times as it was being designed by Bob R. in PA. Containing over 3 feet of rhinestone chain this one is a must to add to the museum in your home. Paul thought this ornament was just as good as something he would have designed himself. So here it is, "FABERGE", probably one of the most complex ornaments to be offered by The Cracker Box. Definitely one that will try your patience.