Silver Revolving Tree Stand

Price: $149.50

This is a 39 1/2" high revolving display stand that holds up to 60-- 3" Cracker Box ornaments. It runs on electricity with an On/Off switch so it slowly rotates (if you want it to) displaying your gorgeous ornaments for all to see. The base is 15 1/2" wide and can sit on most end tables. The assembly of the tree takes only about 20 minutes, and the stand comes with three adjustable levels that can be set at different spaces. with easy to follow instructions. On the pictured display we have placed 30 ornaments but an additional 30 ornaments can be hung on the inside hangers. You can see a few of our original design ornaments, such as Amethyst Hour, Lace Handkerchief, Hungarian Rhapsody, Cherries Jubilee (2 1/2") , Fire and Ice, Distant

Rainbow., Crystal Ice, Flight of Fancy, Swansong, Baubles Bangles and Beads, Iceberg,

Strawberry Shortcake, Hats At Ascot, Autumn Gold, Queen Mum, Cinnamon Stick, and lots of others. We find that as time goes by, sometimes putting up a large display can be more of a chore than a pleasure and customers write us how convenient these stands are because they can spread their ornaments all over the house by using more

than one and leave it up for friends and family to enjoy.